Anterior Cruciate Ligament Research Publications by MOON Knee Group

During the last two decades, physicians in the MOON Knee Group have published more than six dozen peer-reviewed research papers on the prevention, diagnosis, reconstruction and rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament injuries. More two dozen new articles have been published in the last five years alone.

To be considered a MOON Knee publication, the research results must have the support of more than three-quarters of the participating physicians.

ACL Research Scope

There are more than 3,500 ACL reconstruction surgery cases in the MOON Knee study. It is the first and only research group to enroll and follow several thousand ACL surgeries, with more than 80 percent follow-up at two, six and 10 years.

MOON Knee’s work covers:

  • ACL patient-reported outcomes
  • Predictors of ACL graft failure
  • Optimal graft choice for young athletes
  • Incidence and predictors of subsequent ACL surgery
  • Incidence and predictors of early post-traumatic osteoarthritis joint space narrowing


Researchers have published 76 papers based on MOON Knee Group ACL research. New research is published about six times a year.

Global High-Profile

MOON Knee research is one of the highest-profile and scientifically productive ACL registries in the world with thousands of citations. More than 20 MOON Knee publications have Relative Citation Ratios (RCR) in the top two percent of NIH-funded papers per NIH iCite.


Published ACL Surgery Outcomes Research from MOON Knee Group

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