MOON Knee Rehab Guidelines for Therapists and Athletic Trainers

The evidence-based MOON Knee ACL rehabilitation guidelines in this PDF are intended for physical therapists, athletic trainers and other rehabilitation professionals. 

The guidelines serve the full spectrum of those with ACL injuries, including non-athletes, as part of a structured rehabilitation program. 

For some ACL rehabilitation areas, either no best-evidence studies exist or there are too few to conclude with confidence recommended practices. In these areas, rehabilitation recommendations are based on the guidance of the MOON Knee Group panel of experts.

Based on Commonly Available Equipment

These recommendations are for treatments regimens using commonly available equipment.  

Treatment methods supported by research but requiring expensive equipment unavailable at some facilities, including high-intensity electric stimulation strength and aquatic training, are omitted here but recommended where available and appropriate.

MOON Knee Group ACL rehab guidelines for therapists and trainers

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