Answers on ACL Injuries, Retear Risk, Rehab, Return to Sport and Injury Prevention from the World's Leading Long-Term Study

Build Knee Strength and Functionality Before Surgery

Hoping to Avoid ACL Surgery? How to Decide, What to Do.

Learn Why to Not Choose an Allograft if You're Young

Understand ACL Retear Risk and Graft Choice Before Surgery

The MOON Knee Group ACL Research Network

MOON Knee Group is a research network of 19 sports orthopedics physicians and seven institutions. Its two-decades-long study of ACL reconstruction long-term outcomes is one of the world’s leading sources for improving patient results. The research is funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services. All information on this site, including the widely used MOON Knee rehabilitation exercises, are freely distributed.

How to Rehabilitate Your Knee After ACL Surgery

What to Know About ACL Rehabilitation

MOON Knee Research-Based ACL Rehab

How to Return to Your Sport at Your Best

MOON Knee Physical Therapist Guidelines

How to Prevent ACL Tears and Injuries

How You Can Prevent ACL Injuries

Safely Change Direction, Land and Decelerate

How to Return to Your Sport at Your Best

More Answers on ACL Injury Prevention

About ACL Injuries and Treatment and MOON Knee Group

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are among the most frequent musculoskeletal (muscle and bone) injuries suffered by physically active people. About one in 3,000 people suffer an ACL injury.

Injuring your ACL causes immediate pain and knee instability along with potentially reduced athletic abilities. An estimated 300,000 ACL reconstructions are done annually in the United States. Despite many advances in surgery and rehabilitation, regaining previous function is not guaranteed.

Long-term, an ACL injury increases your chance of reinjuring both knees. It also increases 10-fold your risk of suffering osteoarthritis and long-term disability.

What is MOON Knee Group and Why This Website?

Established nearly 20 years ago, the Multicenter Orthopaedic Outcomes Network (MOON) Knee Group is one of the world’s leading resources on ACL injuries, reconstruction, rehabilitation and injury prevention. It is the first and only research group to enroll and follow several thousand ACL reconstruction surgery patients with nearly 80 percent follow-up at two, six and 10 years.

There are more than 3,500 cases in the study, which has resulted in more than 65 peer-reviewed papers published in leading medical journals with thousands of citations.

The group’s mission is to answer critical questions about ACL injuries and improve treatment outcomes. The results have changed ACL injury treatment.

MOON Knee Group Participating Physicians

The Multicenter Orthopaedic Outcomes Network (MOON) Knee Group is a network of 19 sports medicine physicians and seven health care institutions who specialize in preventing, reconstructing and rehabilitating ACL injuries. 

Cleveland Clinic

Hospital for Special Surgery

The Ohio State University

University of Colorado

University of Iowa

Vanderbilt University

Washington University–St. Louis

Morgan H. Jones, MD, MPH

Ned Amendola, MD

Armando F. Vidal, MD, MPH

Warren R. Dunn, MD, MPH

  • Texas Orthopedic Hospital

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