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There are written descriptions and videos showing how to perform the exercises and what muscles they are helping and how those muscles are important. Very informative!

Covered everything I wanted to know.

This article explained surgical vs nonsurgical outcomes and helped me to feel good about the decision to proceed with ACL reconstructive surgery on our 15-year-old son who wants to get back to playing basketball.

Skiing and prehab information is very valuable thank you.

I have surgery in three weeks, and although I'm not sure that's enough time to actually effect a difference, I'm doing these exercises all the time.

Great exercises. Thank you.

Yes, however I think it would have been more beneficial if there were specific timelines when each exercises should be performed. Thank you.

You answered my question.

It is accurate and gives you many options to continue working. No doctor or physio could help me. This site has given me more options than three weeks at the hospital.

We recommend making ACL reconstruction and rehabilitation choices in consultation with physicians, physical therapists and trainers experienced in recovery from ACL injury.

Outstanding insight into ACL tear recovery!! This provided something to work on during the Extended time after injury/insult and between Dr. Visits until PT can be scheduled and insurance could be figured out. Only in an ideal world, would there be no delays between visits and PT would/could start immediately.

I am unsure and scared of what to expect, and I really appreciate the free content. Thank You!

Thank you so much. Just found out I need reconstruction surgery and want to start rehab. All the rehab places where I live are booked out a few weeks so I want to start from home so I can at least start walking. This will help. Great info; thank you so much.

All my questions answered.

Among other things the graft retear stats are great to encourage patient's caution and manage expectations.

Gives a good progression of exercises to do to help with all rehab.

It helped me to make an informed decision regarding surgery or just rehab!

Easy to follow, well organized and prioritized. Well done.

Great prehab help that my surgeon didn't share.

Feel free to bring this site to the attention of the medical professionals supporting your recovery from ACL injury, particularly the retear risk calculators.

Yes. Just under three weeks ago, I tore my ACL in my right knee. I am unsure about going through with surgery. I’ve been in physical therapy the past two weeks and will continue for the next four. Since the initial injury, I haven’t had any pain in my knee. Just tightness, because I also have a bone contusion, joint effusion, and MCL sprain. With all of the damage I’ve done, I’m surprisingly not in pain, and I’m doing really well with physical therapy. My therapist measures my bending range or degree, and I’m at 106. The goal is 120. Two weeks ago it was 66, so I’m hoping surgery will not need to be done. Im moderately active, for weight loss purposes.

Clearly written thank you.

Easy to follow, well organized and prioritized. Well done.

It informed me as to what living without an ACL is like. Because I just learned Steeler and Georgia Bulldog legend Hines Ward is missing one ACL and has been since he was a child.

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